Surprise Proposal at Burnaby Lake Park | Laura & Jason

One day we received an email inquiry from Jason, who was planning a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Laura. Both Jason and Laura are very talented photographers and are owners of Two Peas Photography. It was such an honor for us to take part in the planning process, not to mention the excitement to photograph another photographer’s proposal!

The plan was to have Tom and I pretend to inquire Two Peas for an engagement session. During the shooting process, we had to somehow take over their cameras and document this special moment.

We have chosen the beautiful Burnaby Lake Park for the surprise proposal. Laura and Jason greeted  us at the parking lot, and Laura had no idea what was to come. As we walked towards the dock at the park, Tom excused himself and hid in the bushes with his camera, waiting for the right moment to happen.

/Photos taken by Two Peas Photography
lestelle-photography_0727I stayed close with Laura, and while we were waiting for Tom, I volunteered to hold her camera and that was when Jason took her hand and walked onto the dock. While Laura was still confused about the situation, Jason pulled out the ring and was on his knees. What a magical moment!

This was such an emotional and beautiful session, full of happy tears and laughter! Congratulations again, Jason & Laura! It was really our honor to be your photographers!

/Photos taken by L’Estelle Photography
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Location: Burnaby Lake Park