About us

As a husband and wife team, we work harmoniously towards our vision and concept. We strive to capture candid emotions and precious moments, and tell your love story in beautiful scenery. We photograph love and timeless memories in an airy yet vivid style; it is romantic, whimsical, and filled with fun and laughter.

Annie | Photographer & Makeup Artist
  • Annie | Photographer & Makeup Artist

  • Annie has always found photography as a means of expression, and every image is a reflection of who you are. Photography is an art that records the time and space. Her photography style is bright, romantic and whimsical. During photo sessions, her goal is to deliver a pampering and fun experience, and compose moments in beautiful sceneries.

    Aside from being a photographer, she is the owner and head makeup artist of ACmakeup. Because of her experience in the beauty industry, seeing flattering angles and capturing them through the lens became her second nature.

Tom | Photographer
  • Tom | Photographer

  • For Tom, photography captures details, emotions, and stories; when conbined, you have memories which last forever. He is all about the laughter and candid moments. Photography is art that is full of emotions and interactions. His photography style is happy, joyful, and full of life. Tom shoots from a distance to capture to most raw and real emotions.

    Annie and Tom critique and analyze images together, as two different perspectives helps ensure quality work is delivered to every client. Sometimes just for fun, there are little competitions to see who shot the best photos!

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